Writing Down Stories From My Travels

One of the biggest things I’ve always struggled with is putting words down on paper.  It’s not one of my strong skills, but I really depend on it to log down all the interesting things that’s happened to me in my travels.  I’m slowly been looking for resources to help develop my writing skills.  I’ve found that often when I’m writing with the help of online writing journal prompts, the words come easier.  I suppose this is due to the fact that they give you a statement that inspires you to write on a specific subject.  Obviously I have a story to tell when writing in my travel journal, but sometimes it’s hard to get started.  By using these prompts, I’ll have a sort of catalyst that will help encourage my writing.

I find that when I’m writing outside, the words flow better.  All the colours brightens up my mind and gives me inspiration.  I’m also quite certain that when I’m under the sun, it keeps me more awake and more aware of the words I decide to use to jot down my memories.  I have also learned to have patience when writing.  Sometimes all I want to do is write down everything as quick as possible to keep from forgetting, but then in those times, I usually leave out key details that I have to go back and rewrite in when I remember them later.  Usually when I have something urgent to write about, I write very quickly and you can barely read my writing because it’s so messy.  However, when I can’t think of anything to write about, I use prompts for writing in your journal.  My writing in these times is definitely more legible.  The vocabulary I use is also more precise and diversified.  It’s like the prompts bring out another mind of mine and it’s a much more clear and concise mind that’s doing the writing.  The range of the words I use sometimes surprises me, and those are generally the posts that I like to go back and read.

When you’re a single traveler, I urge you to write down in a journal about your journey.  You never know when you’ll want to look back on this time of your life and wonder about all the small details that happened.  It’s always the details that matter.  When you have them all jotted down in a personal diary or journal, you’ll thank yourself later for the hilariousness that will ensue.  I really enjoy reading back on certain times of my life and looking through my travel journal just to see what I was like back then.  My travel logs and journals are definitely something I will treasure forever.

Stories From My Travel

You don’t find too many grown women traveling by themselves nowadays.  Usually, the people I meet traveling alone are all young adults, mostly in their 20s, just looking for an adventure or something new to catch their attention.

I’ve been traveling for well over a year.  I’m a single gal with no kids, and I quit my job at the age of 45 to go travel.  I want to gain perspective over my life because I’ve been so adjusted to everything else in my life.  I want excitement and to learn new things about the world and about myself.  I want to see if I can make it on my own and be an independent woman.  I left my parents behind, but they’re being well taken care of.

These travels for me are a way to see the world, not through the person I used to be, but the person I will become.  I hope to make changes that will better myself as a person, and I hope to provide inspiration and changes to others who need it.  These are the journeys of my travels, and I hope you enjoy!